12:00 - Check-in for Overnight Guests
14:00 - Wedding Ceremony
15:00 - Reception With Drinks & canap├ęs
17:30 - Dinner

With an evening of entertainment to follow.


9:30 - Wedding Breakfast
10:30 - Check-Out

Further activities TBA... check back soon


How To Get There

From Edinburgh International Airport, Dundas Castle is a short 5 minute drive. Transportation from the airport will be provided. Please let us know your arrival time ahead of the date.

The Castle is around 20km/12 miles to Edinburgh city centre and takes under 30 mins by car. There is also an express tram service running between Edinburgh airport and the city centre.

For any further info please contact us.


Sould I bring a Gift?

We appreciate that most guests will be flying in and out, as will we.
Gifts are absolutely not necessary or expected, but if your generosity must get the better of you, please keep it small and sentimental or alternatively, make a contribution to our honeymoon here;

For any further info please contact us.

Contact Details

Dundas Castle
+44 (0) 131 319 2039



or call us on our UK mobile numbers


Is there a dresscode?
No. But it's a bit of a formal place so try not to show up in pyjamas. Also Beilinda will kill you if you're all in white or red.

Should I bear gifts?
Your first born will do! If you do insist please keep them small, alternatively we'd welcome Honeymoon Donations.

Will there be any other activities after the wedding?
Yes. We are currently still in the process of organizing the remainder of the wedding weekend but there will be some optional activities on Sunday and we'd love to hang out with you.

Can I bring my child?
Not unless they're adults. The castle isn't very kid-friendly unless they're ready to be tasked with cleaning the kitchen